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 To celebrate next year’s 30th anniversary of its village’s popular flower festival, Claverley Parish Council is planning to improve the parish by drawing on some of the features of the highly successful Bridgnorth in Bloom campaign. A small working group has now been set up by the Parish Council to look at ways of enhancing the appearance of the village to coincide with the milestone event.

Chairman of the Parish Council, Rod Parr, explained: “The flower festival will obviously be the major attraction in next year’s calendar and it seems only right to compliment it by showing the village at its best. Claverley is already an attractive village, but as our recently published Parish Plan identified, there is more that can be done to enhance the visual impact both within the village and elsewhere in the parish. With the Flower Festival celebrations coming up next year, this is the ideal time to give Claverley an extra grooming.”

Initially the working group will consider priorities and the community will be invited to contribute ideas. Working group member David Cook said: “We have been inspired by the huge success of Bridgnorth in Bloom. Although as a small village we cannot achieve anything on the same scale as Bridgnorth we can certainly make a significant impact. Claverley has all the essential ingredients and with a little imagination and effort, there is no reason why we shouldn’t achieve some striking results.”

Although efforts will be concentrated around the village centre, the working group will also look at upgrading key areas elsewhere in the parish. This is likely to include village signs on the arterial lanes as well as focal points at road junctions in some of the outlying hamlets. Improvements may include hard landscaping and new planting, as well as litter pick ups and clearance of dog fouling.

Funding and implementation will be major issues to be considered, as Rod Parr recognises. “There are certainly grants available to help get the project underway, but in order to be successful, this needs to be a community-based project,” he explained. “We want to inspire and motivate our residents to enhance the local environment.”

A meeting planned for early January will consider specific priorities and report back to the next Parish Council meeting on 9th January 2006.

ENDS: For further information, please contact David Cook on 01746 710098