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Minutes of CLAVERLEY IN BLOOM meetings

February 2012

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Meeting Notes 7th Feb 2012


Present:  Rod Parr (Chair), Clair Thorrington, Mike Thorrington, Andy Crackle, Paul Pickerill, Jacqui Cooper, Jenny Monroe, Ellie Taylor                

 1.       Apologies PB

 2.       Minutes of Last Meeting: Agreed

 3.       Accounts

·        Account balance - £3711.75 excluding proceeds from January quiz

·        AC had received the address for All Electric Garages  and would be forwarding an invoice accordingly (see minutes of previous meeting)

·        In the absence of any queries iro the draft annual accounts produced at the previous meeting AC would be submitting them to the auditor

·        It was agreed that CIB should provide a bottle of wine (£5.00 approx) and a box of chocolates (£10.00 approx) to the auditor in recognition of her services

Action:   CT/JC – purchase wine and chocolates and liaise with AC

 4.       Matters Arising

                January Quiz

·        The quiz had been a great success. 84+ tickets had been sold and the Plough had been full to capacity.

·        Thanks to generous prizes donated by CIB committee members the raffle made £147.10. Keith Horton had kindly donated £3 for each ticket sold to CIB funds making a grand total for the night of £388.00

·        Although the quiz itself had gone smoothly the allocation of teams to tables beforehand etc seemed a little haphazard. It was agreed that for future events CIB should work more closely with the Plough re team and table organisation etc

·        It was agreed that the event should be repeated in January 2013.

Aston Lane Bank

·        RP and PB had met with Stewart Reynolds of Shropshire Highways on 6th Feb. SR confirmed that Highways would not allow tree planting directly above the newly installed drainage system because of potential root damage to its structure. However SR produced a plan showing that the drainage cells only extended as far as the sloping part of the bank. SR was therefore happy for small to medium tree varieties to be planted on the “flat” area at the top of the bank. Small shrubs and bulbs could be planted lower down. Shropshire Highways have a list of suitable shrubs which SR promised to forward to the Parish Clerk.

·        SR said that CIB would be required to submit a Section 116 planting application to Shropshire Highways.

·        The meeting agreed to press ahead with tree planting which would have to be completed by the end of March in order for cheaper bare root/rootball material to be used. For 2012 efforts would be directed solely at the area of the Aston Lane bank adjoining the new housing development.

Action:   All – meet on site at 9.00am on Sat 11th Feb to assess tree planting requirements.

·        RP had written to Darren Luter of SSHA to formally apply for the £500 donation towards the Aston Lane bank project as promised by SSHA earlier. The attempts made to secure an additional donation from S J Roberts, the site contractor, appeared to have failed


·        RP had noted that the roses (donated and planted by CIB) in the bed running alongside the pathway from the lichgate to the church had been severely cut down. The radical pruning was not appropriate for English Rose varieties and would adversely affect growth and flowering. Also the penstemmons in the same bed had been cut down prematurely which would make them more venerable to severe weather conditions. 

·        Garry Ward did not know who had carried out the attack on the roses and penstemmons.

·        The meeting agreed that the incident, coming not long after the destruction of the roses in August 2011, created uncertainty about the investment of any further CIB time and resources in the churchyard

Action:   RP to liaise with GW to identify the individual concerned.  

Neighbourhood Schemes

·        The generation of neighbourhood schemes in the village, in particular in The Wold and Clover Heath areas, had been discussed at the January meeting and had been mentioned in the December and February editions of the Newsletter.

·        There had been no response to the Newsletter entries and it was agreed that CIB would have to be proactive in trying to generate impetus.

·        JC would therefore approach Chris Nock re the Wold and RP would talk to Derek Baker re Clover Heath.

·        It was agreed that CIB should offer some incentive to kick start local schemes. This could be in the form of discounted plants or planting containers. In this regard RP had contacted Nick Bromley of Rushmere Nurseries who had offered to supply plants at wholesale prices to neighbourhood schemes. Also PB had identified a supplier of planting barrels (oak casks sawn in half) @ £15 ea + VAT

·        After much discussion the meeting agreed that the idea of offering free or heavily discounted planting barrels should not be pursued. It would be difficult to estimate demand and to define how many to offer in a particular area. The purchase of the barrels would also impact on CIB funds without any guarantee of the required objectives being achieved.  Instead the meeting agreed that the offer of discounted plants from Rushmere Nurseries would be more likely to generate a positive response from neighbourhood scheme participants and would also be at nil cost to CIB. The plant offer could also be used to underpin a wide variety of local planting initiatives but it was agreed that CIB should promote hanging basket schemes which would also tie in with the theme of the August competition. The meeting agreed that CIB could offer to erect brackets for baskets if this would help to improve the level of participation and support 

Action:  JC/RP/PP – open a dialogue with Chris Nock & Derek Baker as above

 Automatic Watering System

·        GW had confirmed that the church would modify the outside tap adjacent to the Lichgate to enable an automatic watering system to be installed to service the troughs around the Cross and also the lichgate hanging baskets. The controller for the system could be positioned in the rood of the lichgate although it would be more secure if located in the lichgate storeroom.

·        MT had identified both mains and battery operated systems that would be suitable for the job but it would not be possible to proceed further until all the trough arrangements for the jubilee planting scheme (see below) had been decided

Action:   MT/RP – Arrange site meeting to assess system requirements.

                Tree Planting

·        Free Tree Scheme

o        PP stated that he had collected the trees available under the Shrosphire free tree scheme.

o        3 planting sites had been identified

·        Aston Lane Bank

o        See above

·        School Field

o        The planting of 3 – 5 good sized trees on top of the bank overlooking the joint use field (ie on the field side of the school playground fence) would be carried out before the end of March

o        The meeting agreed that these trees should be planted to mark the Queens diamond jubilee. A suitable plaque should be commissioned.

                Action:   PP – Liaise with local landowners re allocation of trees

                                PP/RP – Discuss school involvement in tree planting at school liaison meeting on 9th Feb (see below)                       


5.       Heart of England Campaign 2012

                Spring Seminar 2012

·        To be held at Burton Upon Trent on Wednesday 14th March

Wild About Wildflowers RHS Initiative

·        It was agreed that CIB should give a high priority to the initiative. It would be ideal if the school (see below) could take a leading role which would tick many boxes in the 2012 CIB portfolio

·        The wildflower sowing in the community orchard in 2011 had not been very successful but the meeting agreed to give it another try on a limited basis this year. Additionally seed could be sown in the newly disturbed ground on the Aston Lane bank next to the new housing development.  

Action:   PP/RP –  Pursue with Alice Middleton  

                RP –        RegisterCIB for participation in RHS free seed initiative and purchase any additional seed from other                                  sources as appropriate


RP & PP would be meeting with Alice Middleton on Thursday 9th February to discuss the joint CIB/school programme for 2012

·        Litter pick

·        Wildlife demonstration

·        Tree planting (including acorns)

·        Wildflower cultivation

·        Arrangements for judgement day

·        RHS Children’s art competition

·        School planting beds

GQT Hosting

·        The application form to host the programme lays down several conditions

o        The venue must be capable of seating 150 – 200 people

o        A 3 phase 20amp supply must be available

o        Parking required for an OB truck 2mtrs wide x 6mtrs long x 2.8mtrs high within 100mtrs of venue.

o        Ideally disabled access including disabled toilet

·        The only suitable venue in the village would be the church. Garry Ward had kindly agreed that the church could be made available. A portable generator would have to be hired along with toilets etc.

·        It was agreed (subject to approval by the PC) that CIB should apply to host the programme. If successful CIB would have to organise everything apart from the programme making itself!

Action:   RP – seek clearance from PC and complete GQT application

CIB Awareness Event

·        Following on form last month’s discussion the meeting confirmed that CIB should hold some sort of event where the role of CIB could be promoted and additional volunteers recruited.

·        Developing a suggestion made by PB at the January meeting JM suggested that a covered stall/small marquee could be erected on the paved area adjacent to the lichgate where CIB could issue an open invite for local people to “drop in” and sample home made cakes and a selection of local wine from Halfpenny Green vineyard. The event would have a minimal impact on CIB funds but would have good publicity and PR potential. Target date late September.

Action:   RP – Attempt to secure free wine sponsorship from Halfpenny Green vineyard

                ALL – Give ongoing consideration to event content

Fund Raising

·        A further fund raising event in 2012 would not be necessary given the relatively healthy state of CIB finances. However PP suggested that a performance by The Hype, possibly during mid to late October, would be well received locally. The meeting agreed that it was worth considering

Action:   PP – Explore potential concert dates with The Hype  

 6.       Diamond Jubilee Arrangements

Cross Planters

·        Installation of planting troughs on the first or second tier of the sandstone “step” at the base of the The Cross would involve either purchasing or constructing a new range of troughs. The troughs, if small enough, could be planted up and grown on at Rushmere Nurseries (RP had cleared this with Nick Bromley) and then placed in situ just before the jubilee celebrations.

·        Ideally the new troughs would be placed in a continuous run which would total 27ft in respect of the first tier and 21ft iro the second.

·        The meeting agreed that placing the troughs on the second tier would have more impact as well as reducing overall costs.

Lichgate Terrace Planters

·        The meeting agreed that two large stone effect planters should be purchased for the paved area adjacent to the lichgate to be positioned one either side of the existing bench. Garry Ward had already agreed to the proposal and RP would seek permission of the PC at its next meeting on 13th Feb

Floral Tableaux

·        RP had sought the advice of Nick Bromley re the construction of a floral tableaux as discussed at the January meeting. Unfortunately it had become increasingly clear that building the tableaux would be both expensive and time consuming. More significantly it would not be possible to maintain and water it whilst in a vertical or semi-vertical position against the central pillar of the Cross. The meeting therefore agreed that the proposal should be abandoned

. Action:RP – Clear proposed trough installations with PC

                PB – Purchase two large stone effect planters on behalf of CIB

                AC – Investigate purchase of suitable ready made troughs for Cross installation versus DIY option


7.       Newsletter

March entry:

·        Jubilee Arrangements – Planting troughs & school field trees

·        January Quiz

·        Aston Lane bank – trees & wildflowers

                Action:   RP – compile entry

 8.       AOB

·        CT had stopped taking the Bridgnorth Journal so would be unable to continue collecting CIB relating press cuttings. JM offered to do this instead

·        CT had received a suggestion that Jersey potatoes should be planted in the Aston Lane bank. This would not be possible for a number of reasons including the fact that the bank is north facing

 9.       Date of Next Meeting

·        Tuesday 6th March, 7.30pm  @ The Plough

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