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E-mail received 28/3/08

Good Day to all my friends at Claverley, I started at Claverley school in 1927, and attended regularly until 1936.  It is  wonder ful to see that the village is still a beautiful plce  It has been many years since I was able to visit, but recently I have produced a picture of the Bull Ring , shoming the Church ,Litch Gate and the Vicaredge.  the p[icture  is 3feet long by 2 feet wide taken from a Photo in a "Shropshie" Calender . So I keep "in touch"!   I have lived in the U.S.A.since 1965 ,and now retired live in Tucson Arizona. I wish you all  the best  Kind regards Robin A Checketts

Anyone wishing to reply, I can forward e-mail or let individuals have his address --- Ian

Dear Sirs,

 i have just moved into the village. For over 30  years i have been a student, instructor and coach of the oriental martial arts and self defence, i have been teaching in the Wolverhampton, Trysull and Swindon  areas since 1993.

 i wondered if there might be any interest from  residents of Claverley and the surrounding area for class tuition or private lessons etc.? i currently offer instruction in several different arts and would  gladly welcome enquiries from serious possible students. Please note, should i  receive enough interest, i would be pleased to start regular classes in this area.

 My website address is www.goldenserpentmaa.net.tc

Contact numbers are ;

Mobile - 07811 446400

email -  stevestepen@aol.com

Any ideas etc. would be gladly received,

Kind regards,

Steve Prior.



Is Spicer's Hall still there? It was my uncle's surgery.

Barbara Belroy

If you find the time, perhaps you might email me some pictures of Spicers Hall. Have you any of the inside as well?

I have heard from Alison, who works at the medical clinic built on the property. She informed me that my Uncle, Dr. Solich, passed away 8 years ago and my Aunt Jadwiga passed on last year. I haven't seen the house since 1968 when I was 8 years old, and my family and I are having a longing to view things from the past. We have a few photos of all us standing in front of Spicers Hall and a few taken in the living room.

I was able to download pictures of the Church from the Claverley website. As a child, I would walk my uncle's dalmation, Jaspar, and toy poodle, Joey, down to the shops for ice cream and we would always walk through the Churchyard and cemetary. It was interesting to see the photos of the Church. Unfortunately, there were no photos of Spicers Hall or the grounds on the website. Is the brick building still standing (the apothecary next to the house)?

I used to play in the long narrow room that was upstairs on the east side of the house.

We are from California, and the first night we arrived at Spicers Hall, I fell down the winding stair.

I very much miss the house. In fact, as a child, I always vowed I'd return and purchase it. Childish dreams are so silly, aren't they?

Well, not to bother you, but if you ever get a chance to send some photos, I'd really appreciate it.

Best wishes,

Barbara Kent Belroy





I live in the north of Wolverhampton, but my (Scriven) roots are in Claverley. My ancestors lived in your beautiful village from the late 1700's until at least 1900. My great grandfather, William Scriven went to Wolverhampton in the late 1890's, with his brother Thomas Henry Scriven, and both married local women.

I have discovered a great deal about my family's time in Claverley, and other names of interest to me include Hatton, and Field.

I was wondering: a) whether there are any people with either surname still living in Claverley; and b) do you have a family history 'club' in the village?

I hope you don't mind my asking via your website, and would be very grateful for any kind of response (preferably positive though!).

Thank you, and best wishes.

Alan Scriven.


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